Meet the Doctor who knows skin inside and out. May Marr's passion for science and beauty has enabled her patients to achieve exceptional cosmetic outcomes.

Dr. Marr has hand-picked a crew of specialists that help The Marr Clinic push the boundaries of aesthetic excellence to augment and elevate the cosmetic industry.


The Marr Clinic is a centre for aesthetic excellence providing evidence-based care that focuses on you as an individual.

We offer a comprehensive selection of cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lipodissolve, skin and laser treatments.

Our clinical focus is on quality care, client relationships and patient education. Our aesthetic approach is conservative in nature and born of a belief that less is more. We promise to deliver the skilful application of modern technology to best address your needs.

We serve a clientele from Lennox Head, Byron Bay, Ballina, Bangalow and surrounds.


acne, large pores, oily skin


Anti-aging & Rejuvenation

Restore your youthful glow and address common skin concerns with our tailored anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments. From reducing fine lines and wrinkles to improving skin texture and addressing pigmentation issues, we have the solutions to help you achieve a fresh and youthful appearance.


Cosmetic Injectables

We offer a range of injectable treatments specifically tailored to your individual needs. With these cosmetic injectables, we can smooth lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, define your jawline, and achieve a lifted appearance. Trust our expertise to give you natural-looking results.

facial lines & wrinkles


Lasers and Devices

Experience the benefits of our advanced laser and skin device treatments. Designed to restore your youthful glow and reduce textural imperfections, our lasers and devices can treat a variety of concerns, including uneven skin tone, scars, and sun damage.


Skin Concerns

Acne and Scarring:

Acne can be distressing, but we have a range of comprehensive treatments to address breakouts and acne scarring. Our experts will customize a treatment plan to target the underlying causes of your acne and help you achieve clear and smooth skin.



Various factors like sun exposure, hormonal fluctuations, and medications can cause pigmentation issues. At our clinic, we offer tailored solutions to address pigmentation concerns and restore a more even skin tone. Let our experts guide you towards a customized treatment plan to effectively reduce pigmentation.



Whether you're dealing with sensitive skin, facial redness, broken blood vessels, or flushing, we have effective treatments to calm your skin and reduce redness. Our experienced team can identify the causes of your redness and create a personalized treatment plan to bring back your skin's natural balance.


We offer a comprehensive selection of injectable procedures designed for your aesthetic excellence.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers
Bio - Remodelling Injections


Start understanding your skin and how to make it as beautiful
as it was meant to be

Chemical Skin Peel
Dermapen Micro-Needling
HydraBrasion Treatment



Your face is precious. We help you optimise your features and
wear your face with pride.

Acne Scar Treatment
Non-Surgical Facelift
Dark Under Eye Circles

Are you ready to become your most

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