At The Marr Clinic, We Place a Strong Emphasis on Client Education.

We understand that undergoing a new skin journey can be daunting. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when patient-practitioner communication is prioritised. Our goal is to create a safe space for treatment planning and open discussion before proceeding with any procedure.




Our story began in 2009 when Dr. May relocated to Lennox Head with her toddler, pursuing advanced physician training to become an Oncologist. However, faced with her own battle against adult acne and driven by her passion for helping others with their skin, she made the decision to shift gears and delve into aesthetics.

Dr. May's personal struggle with adult acne proved to be a turning point in her career. Unable to continue her Oncology training, she embarked on a new journey in medical aesthetics.

Over the years, Dr. May immersed herself in extensive local and international research to perfect the art of aesthetics. Her passion led her to study under renowned experts such as Dr. Jacque Le Coz, a leading figure in Mesotherapy, and she was invited to be a clinical trainer by Galderma, a prominent aesthetic company. Her pursuit of excellence continued as she pursued studies in Dermatology and obtained her GP Fellowship in Dermatology from the Australian Institute of Dermatology in 2019, alongside Dr. Ian McColl.

Dr May has a commitment to putting the clients' needs first. Her priority is to deliver exceptional service and unwavering commitment to each and every client.

In her free time, Dr May likes to spend time with her beautiful 2 legged and 4 legged babies. She likes to keep her mind and body healthy and enjoys a varied range of activities ranging from adventure travel, learning new languages, cake creations, rock climbing and pole dancing.


Our Team Staff May Marr

Ellysa Jane Brennan

Ellysa Jane Brennan

 Registered Nurse / NMW0001349567

Ellysa is a valued member of the Marr Clinic family.. With a commitment to providing exceptional care, she embraces a client-cantered approach that is guided by principles of trust, honesty, best practices, and ethics. Ellysa understands the importance of ensuring her clients are well-informed and actively engaged in their care, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Known for her expertise in delivering natural-looking results and promoting facial harmony, Ellysa is dedicated to considering the long-term perspective in her treatments. She is renowned for her gentle injecting approach, as well as her high level of care and attention to detail.

Beyond her medical profession, Ellysa's artistic talents shine through. Whether it's creating stunning pieces of string art, designing unique jewellery, or crafting beautiful leather art, her creativity and eye for detail extend beyond the clinic.

Ellysa's journey in nursing began when she graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Nursing in 1994. Her experience spans across New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia, encompassing various medical and surgical specialties. As an ophthalmology nurse, she developed a particular interest in medical aesthetics, which ultimately led her to pursue additional education and obtain a Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing from the Australian College of Nursing.

To stay at the forefront of industry advancements, Ellysa actively attends medical conferences across Australia, ensuring she remains up-to-date with the latest techniques and practices.

In 2013, Ellysa trained under the guidance of Dr. Marr and subsequently opened her own clinic in Brisbane. She continues to work alongside Dr. Marr in Lennox Head, consistently refining her skills through collaboration and mentorship.

Ellysa is happily settled in Brisbane with her talented husband and two beautiful children.

Ms Emma Smith R.N


With a deep passion for improving the well-being and quality of life for her patients, Emma is dedicated to educating individuals at the prestigious Marr clinic on the benefits of various products that can enhance and maintain their natural beauty.

Emma brings a wealth of experience as a registered nurse, having obtained her bachelor's degree in nursing in 1994 in the United Kingdom. Her extensive postgraduate career spans various fields, including emergency medicine, intensive care, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Currently, Emma serves as a nurse manager at a local hospital, showcasing her expertise and leadership skills.

Each patient's experience with Emma is characterized by her gentle touch, profound compassion, and personalized care. She prioritizes the well-being and comfort of her patients, striving to make a positive impact on their lives through her professional approach.

During her leisure time, Emma enjoys exploring new destinations through travel, camping in her retro caravan, and spending quality time with her son Asher and their three beloved sausage dogs.

Emma's commitment to healthcare, combined with her nurturing demeanour, make her a trusted and valued member of the Marr clinic team

Joanne Eyre Dermal Therapist

Joanne Eyre Dermal Therapist

Jo is a highly skilled and experienced dermal therapist who has recently joined the Marr clinic family. With an impressive 37 years of expertise in the beauty industry, Jo brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

Jo began her career in the vibrant city of Sydney, where she successfully ran her own beauty clinic in the Sutherland Shire for many years. Seeking a change of scenery, she made the decision to relocate to the Northern Rivers area four years ago.

At the Marr clinic, Jo is responsible for implementing skin protocols to address a wide range of concerns such as dehydrated skin, textural irregularities, sensitivity, congestion, pigmentation, and dullness. With a commitment to continually expanding her education and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field, Jo ensures that she provides the highest level of service to her clients.

Jo's impressive repertoire includes a vast array of advanced skin treatments to address the needs of our clients. Her services include skin consultations and analyses, medi-facials, hydrabrasion, microdermaplaning, chemical peels, laser and light-based skin treatments, micro-dermal needling, as well as cryotherapy for mole removal. Her unique skill lies in seamlessly blending traditional beauty wisdom with the latest clinical knowledge and techniques to deliver exceptional results and an all-encompassing experience for clients.

When she's not transforming people's skin, Jo relishes spending time in her garden and with her beloved pets, creating precious memories with her family, and doting on her granddaughter.

Destinee Jones


Destinee is an accomplished operations manager with over 20 years of experience in administration, workforce programming, and team leadership. She currently serves as the dedicated receptionist at The Marr Clinic. With her extensive expertise, Destinee ensures that every client feels supported and valued from the moment they step foot into the clinic.

She effortlessly handles logistical and administrative tasks with professionalism and efficiency, aiming to make the client's experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Destinee also takes pride in leading and supporting the exceptional team of professionals at The Marr Clinic. Whether scheduling appointments or coordinating treatments, Destinee's commitment to excellence and unparalleled personalized care make her a valuable member of The Marr Clinic.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her pug Bogart, indulging in wildlife photography and working as a volunteer with the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers

Destinee Jones Admin